Nun’s Cross are going plastic free

Exciting news – Nun’s Cross is going plastic free and to tell you more we have Elsa and Noah from our Green Schools Committee:

Nun’s Cross has decided to become a plastic free school because it is better for the environment. 5th and 6th class went on beach clean recently and we collected a disgusting amount of plastic. We were horrified at the large amount of waste on our local beach and thought if the school went plastic free it would help our environment.

To become a plastic free school, we have 3 asks:

  1. We ask that all children have reusable water bottles/drink bottles. 60 million plastic drink bottles end up in landfill everyday around the world. Using reusable bottles will dramatically improve this.

  2. No plastic in lunch boxes. Don’t add plastic such as cling film to items in lunch boxes, you could use bees wax paper instead!

  3. Don’t use plastic straws! If you really have to have a straw use paper or bamboo ones instead!

We hope that by following these 3 asks, the school will have a huge reduction in plastic waste which will help the environment for all of us