STEM Paper Challenge Number 1 in 5th and 6th class

Every Friday this year in 5th and 6th class we will complete a STEM challenge. This week, we took on the challenge of designing and making basketball stand which will hold a basketball as high off the ground as possible, using only paper and sticky tape. A fair test was designed where stands would be placed on the even floor at the front of the classroom. We also agreed that a 5 second holding rule applied for entries to be validated as fitting their purpose. Groups were given 20 minutes to complete this challenge.

Take a look at some of the interesting creations below…

In our classroom, our early finishers area contains an extension of this activity for the coming week. Alternative STEM challenges will also be provided in this area to challenge students who wish to take on additional challenges without having other models to base their designs off.

Balloon Cars

During the week we were designing and making balloon powered cars with the help of a past pupil of the school.  Each of the children made their car using a plastic bottle, a balloon, straws, bottle lids and skewers.  We had great fun trying them out in the classroom.


Our Humpty Dumpty Challenge

This week in Junior Infants we did a number of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths activities from our class wonder wall. 

On Monday the children completed the Humpty Dumpty challenge.  They were tasked with designing a protective device to take Humpty Dumpty (or in this case some hard boiled eggs) safely to the ground without it cracking.

First of all we discussed how we could protect the eggs.  We talked about the materials we might use.

We then designed a fair test, with the eggs all being dropped from an agreed height which was the same for each group.

Each group then worked together to sketch their designs and to formulate a plan.

Groups used a variety of materials to protect their eggs and when time was up we all predicted what the outcomes would be.  Cracked or not cracked. 

Our results were that two groups had eggs which cracked and three groups had eggs which did not crack. It was a very enjoyable activity.


Designer Minds Workshop


Today the children from 1st-6th class had a visit from a facilitator from Designer Minds to do a STEAM workshop with the children. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art and maths.

Today’s workshop focused on engineering and the children were set a challenge to build a town or city in groups. The children had to work together and think about what buildings they would need in their city, what facilities they needed to provide and had to give serious consideration to their design. They created some really impressive cities!

For anyone who is interested, Designer Minds will be running summer courses in Wicklow town and you can find more information on their website by clicking here

New sports equipment

There was great excitement today as our new sports equipment arrived. The children worked really hard to put it altogether and are delighted with the new range of activities we will be able to do. A big thanks again to all the children and parents for supporting our Race To Galway which enabled us to invest in all the new equipment

We invested in a new pair pf portable goal posts, a 9ft net which can serve as a tennis net, badminton net and volley ball net, a set of 40 rubber spot markers, a target goal net, a new net for our current basket ball hoop and a new basket ball hoop to complete the basket ball court.

No Lunch Box Day


No Lunch Box Day Was a huge success this year. 6th class would like to give a huge thanks to everyone who made it happen. To the parents who donated supplies and the children who bought our lunches. We raised €440 and we are so excited to plan our 6th class day out!

New Green Flag

The green schools committee were delighted to show the rest of the school our new green flag! Well done to the committee, Ms Heaphy and all the children for their continued commitment to biodiversity in our school.

Million Step Challenge


Nun’s Cross are delighted to be taking part in the Million Step Challenge this year in partnership with the Wicklow Local Sports Partnership. Over the course of the week the children will take turns to wear step counters in an aim to collectively reach a million steps. Will we do it? Watch this space to see…

Procedural Writing


2nd class are working on their procedural writing skills this week and used our Crazy Hair Day as their inspiration. The children designed crazy hair models from play-doh and then wrote the procedure involved in their creation. I am sure you will agree that they are a very creative bunch!

Reflecting on Active Week

The children have been reflecting on Active Week and we are delighted to see, through their creative writing, how much they enjoyed the weeks activities!

Read the feedback from 1st, 5th and 6th class

Green School Award Ceremony

On Wednesday 22nd May, 3 representatives from the Green School Committee travelled to the Helix in DCU for the Green School Award Ceremony. There were over 60 schools represented with a total of 81 flags presented this year for different Green School categories.

Nun’s Cross were working towards the biodiversity flag, the fifth in the Green School series.


It was an engaging and inspiring day with speakers from Irish Water and Climate Change ambassadors who spoke of their desire to encourage and inspire each person to make a change no matter how small. This was a powerful message reiterated many times throughout the ceremony – one person really can make a difference and through communication we can make these impacts even bigger by working together.

It was interesting to see what other schools have achieved for their flags and it has given us some ideas as we begin working towards the Global Citizenship flag.

Crazy Hair Day

Nun’s Cross celebrated crazy hair day today and it sure was crazy! We had some really wild hairstyles and we raised over €255 for Crumlin children’s hospital. Many thanks for your kind donations and well done to all for the creativity!

International Bee Day


International Bee Day took place this week and 5th and 6th class discovered just how important bees are to us. We worked together to make a collaborative bee display and designed some important notices to help people learn why bees are important to us and to help people learn how to save bees.

Pirates in aistear


Junior infants were welcomed by senior infants for aistear this week.   Areas included the pirate ship, small world out at sea and construction was based on building ships out at sea.  They had great fun playing pirates with each other.

Running Club


Did you know that Nun’s Cross have a running club? Ms Heaphy and Mrs Pearse are dedicating their Wednesday lunch time to showing the children a range of skills in running. We hope to enter the children in all sorts of running and athletic events over the coming year. Children from 3rd class up are welcome to join at any stage but must commit to coming each week!