Active Week is coming up!


Speaking on behalf of the Active Committee, some students would like to make an announcement:

Active Week is to help us keep our Active Flag and its loads of fun for the whole school. It promotes active fun and active learning throughout the whole school and for all ages. This year it is taking place from Monday the 13th of May to Friday the 17th of May.


This year we have a great variety of sports taking place from basketball to active stations and jersey day. We are going to be drinking alot of water because we will be sweating lots!

At the end of the week, to celebrate the active week, we will have a celebration assembly and all children are asked to bring in any sports awards that they have won as we are eager to share our achievements.  We have fitted out an exciting timetable which we will be announcing after Easter.


We hope that everyone in the whole school enjoys being as active as possible and will inspire us to start news sports!