Under the sea in Junior Infants


This week in Junior infants we were working on the ‘under the sea’ theme. We have been so busy.

During aistear, our big project has been building a submarine.  It has taken lots of team work and patience all week and there are still lots of finishing touches to add to our structure.  We made lots of fish to decorate the submarine.

We enjoyed our water play earlier in the week, where we studied capacity and floating and sinking.  We also explored waterproof materials, where we looked at the different professions and the clothes they may wear.

In science we have been working with magnets.  We explored our classroom to find magnetic items.  We also learned how magnets are used in metal detectors and in waste management.  Today we designed and made a fishing game using magnets, straws, string, paper clips and paper.  We had lots of fun catching fish.