The Clothes Shop in Junior Infants

This week in Juniors we have been working on the clothes shop. We got lots of practice being customers and shopkeepers. We got to try on lots of new clothes. Take a look at some of our favourite items from the new spring/summer collection…

Outfits complete with accessories. We had some really happy girls this week. Meanwhile, with the boys….

Not only were we great at clothes shopping, we also tried our look at designing clothes for ourselves.  We used a variety of textiles and fabrics to create some wonderful ensembles.

In English, we read the story of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ which gave us a great laugh.  We had a class debate about school uniforms.  Should we have uniforms in school?  Would it not be better to have uniforms?  The children argued tooth and nail and came to a decision that ……………

In SESE we looked at clothes from around the world and compared them to the clothes we wear.  We discussed our ideas on why people in different countries dress the way they do.

We followed this up by studying the properties and characteristics of materials in science and we designed clothes for teddy to wear in hot weather, cold weather and in wet weather.

We looked at the clothes people wore in Ireland way back in history and the clothes we wear today.  We noticed a huge difference.  We prefer the clothes we wear now because they are cooler and much more colourful and interesting.