Skipping Workshop

All the children had a very special workshop today delivered to them by Mark from Mark is an expert in all things skipping and all classes got the change to have a full skipping lesson where they were shown some skipping skills and learned new tricks. Skipping is a fundamental movement skill that is very difficult for some children to master so we were delighted that Mark could come in and teach us some new tricks.

Some of the skills the children got to learn and practice were jumping jack skips, shuffling feet forwards and backwards while skipping, skipping on one foot, swinging the rope to the left, the right and then jumping through, criss crossing arms/rope and jumping in between, double unders and the very difficult butterfly/chain skip.

All the children gathered at the end of the day to show of the things that had learned and got to demonstrate their new skills to the rest of the school! We look forward to seeing the children put their new skills into practice over the coming year!