Our Humpty Dumpty Challenge

This week in Junior Infants we did a number of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths activities from our class wonder wall. 

On Monday the children completed the Humpty Dumpty challenge.  They were tasked with designing a protective device to take Humpty Dumpty (or in this case some hard boiled eggs) safely to the ground without it cracking.

First of all we discussed how we could protect the eggs.  We talked about the materials we might use.

We then designed a fair test, with the eggs all being dropped from an agreed height which was the same for each group.

Each group then worked together to sketch their designs and to formulate a plan.

Groups used a variety of materials to protect their eggs and when time was up we all predicted what the outcomes would be.  Cracked or not cracked. 

Our results were that two groups had eggs which cracked and three groups had eggs which did not crack. It was a very enjoyable activity.