Nun’s Cross celebrates Down Syndrome Day


Nun’s Cross was a hive of activity today as all children, staff and parents took part in a day of celebrating all individuals who have Down Syndrome. The children and staff supported the day in a variety of ways. Children and teachers came to school sporting all sorts of wacky socks which is the mark of celebrating this special day.


We had an information assembly as a whole school where we all learned about Down Syndrome. The children told us that they learned things like ‘Children with Down Syndrome still have feelings like us’, ‘We just need to be a little more patient with our friends who have Down Syndrome and help them with things they find a little bit harder than us’ and ‘Everyone needs to be treated with kindness and respect, and this includes people with Down Syndrome’. We watched this amazing documentary video and we recommend you should too!

We split into mixed teams where children from Junior Infants up to 6th class were all working together in various activities to promote inclusion and working together as a team.

Working as a team to transport a piece of card across the playground using only a straw!

We had to listen very carefully and co-ordinate our moves to complete the parachute games

We had great fun, and a few falls, trying to work as a team to turn over the sheet we were all standing on!


It wasn’t as easy as it looks to be a frog (or child) and make our way across the playground on a lily pad (a hoop), but it was made easier by working with our friends!

The children all brought in a small donation each for Down Syndrome Ireland, a charity who works hard to help support Down Syndrome children throughout the country. Together we raised €160.60, many thanks to everyone involved, it was a great day!