Budding electricians in Junior Infants


This week in Junior Infants we were learning about ‘houses’ in Aistear.  We spent the week constructing houses, looking at materials and their properties, classifying the contents of different rooms in houses and chatting about our own houses.

Today in science, we focused on electricity.  We had a 5 minute challenge to draw/write all the items we know that use electricity.  Our top group ended up with a huge score of 8 items.  Then, working in pairs, the children were set the challenge of getting a bulb to light, given just two crocodile clips, a bulb and a battery.  With absolutely no assistance in terms of direction from teacher, there was light after only 5 minutes of trial and error.  Take a look at our work below!

We were so so excited when we succeeded and we all helped one another to get all bulbs writing. When given the follow up challenge of making the buzzer work, we applied our learning very quickly.