Biodiversity talk by Tom Gallagher

The children in Nun’s Cross had a real treat this week with a visit from Tom Gallagher who is an expert in all things biodiversity, with a special interest in birds and plants. He told us lots of interesting facts about the plants and animals living in our school garden and in our local area and we picked up loads of tips on how we can help support biodiversity in school and at home.

Did you know:

  1. The sound of the Hummingbird Moth can only be heard by women!

  2. The swift bird fly’s non-stop for three whole years, never landing once. It eats, sleeps and drinks while flying!

  3. In one fistful of soil, there is up to 10,000,000,000,000 micro creatures which are responsible for all things that grow!

  4. A dragon fly has 1,500 lenses in each eye. It can see 360 degrees, can fly forwards and backwards and hover!

  5. Woodpeckers have not lived in Ireland for many years but have recently returned and are now living in Wicklow!

A huge thanks to Tom for coming in and sharing some of his knowledge with us!