Newsletter May 2018

Dear Parents

Active Flag

The process for being awarded as an Active School has taken us two years of hard work on the part of the teachers and pupils alike. We have worked very hard to improve the level and the quality of activity taking place in our school. Over the last two years we have improved many areas but some of the more recent highlights are: We have implemented a variety of sports with professional coaches (GAA, rugby, cricket and gymnastics). The children are encouraged at all times to be more active in ways such as having sports equipment available at break times, setting break time challenges, encouraging active breaks throughout the day and implementing programmes like ‘Super Troopers’ to extend the activities at home. We have taken opportunities to inspire the children in the area of sports with a visit from kick boxing champion Carradh o’Donovan and by highlighting sporting achievements from the children in assemblies and on our Active Schools notice board.

On the 20th of April we had our long awaited inspection for our Active Flag. Our inspector was highly impressed with our efforts and we were highly commended on all our work. We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded our Blue Active Flag. We will be celebrating this big achievement in the near future with a flag raising ceremony, watch this space for more details.


7th May – Ashford Country Fair

The annual Ashford Country Fair takes place on Bank Holiday Monday, 7th May from 11am-4pm.  The fun activities include Dog Show, Artisan Stalls, Magician, Teas, Coffees & Cakes, Crafts, Tractors, BBQ, Gun Dog Demo, Clothes & Plant Stalls, Raffle, Children’s Fairground, Duck Herding, Falconry, Pony Club and much much more!  €5 per car in support of Killiskey Parish Church

9th May – Ashford Studios

Following on from the success of the Junior Entrepreneur Programme, 5th and 6th class will be visiting Ashford Film Studios on the 9th May. It is a fantastic opportunity for the children to see a local entrepreneur in action and how his business has grown over the last number of years. They will have a chance to explore the sets and ask questions about the type of work that goes on in the studios. The children will walk down from the school to Ashford Studios.  Many thanks to Shane Cradock for organising the trip for us.

11th May – School Church Service, 10am, All welcome

At this service some of the children who have participated in the County Games and Write-a-Book Competition will receive their awards.

14th-18th May – Active Week

The Race to Galway will take place on Friday, 18th May.  This year all funds raised will go towards PE resources and new flag poles to proudly fly our Green & Active Flags at the front of the school.

25th May: 1st-6th Class School Tour

Alpine Forest School Tour for 1st-6th Class.  Bus departs from the school at 9am sharp and returns at 3pm.

31st May: Junior & Senior Infants School Tour

Junior & Senior Infants School Tour to the Zoo.  Bus departs from the school at 8.30am sharp and returns at approximately 2.30pm.

Family Contribution & Photocopying Money

Thank you to all the parents who have recently paid their Family Contribution which includes your child’s insurance.  If you haven’t paid, it is now overdue.  Please see Rev Rue or Ms Harper in confidence if necessary.  Photocopying Money is also now overdue.  Please give to Sandra in the office as soon as possible.  Thanks to those who have already paid.

Thanks to those who supported our recent Clothing Collection. There was a huge increase in support this year.  It is much appreciated. €135 was raised.


Some Happy News & Proud Achievements from the Children:

Active Flag

“On the Active Flag Committee we try to make the school more active, like we have playtime challenges.  We bring out the hoppers, leg skins and skipping ropes.  We also have meetings with Mrs Gannon.  There are seven of us on the Committee.  We have worked really hard to get the Active Flag!”

Katie Fox, 3rd Class

Green Schools

“I am on the Green School Committee.  On the Green School Committee we try to think of ideas to make our school a greener place and to get our Green Flag.  At the moment we are focusing on water usage and recycling.  We all made posters to put around the school.  We have meetings once a month to discuss and put into action, our ideas.   We won’t get our flat for bio-diversity until next year but we have worked really hard so far to try to get it.”

Madison Hatton, 6th Class

“On the Green School Committee we are hoping to get a Green Flag for biodiversity and being friendly to bugs, animals and the environment.   We are planning to make a new bug hotel and we are going to give the pond a good clean-out to make the world a better place.”

Mamie Canning, 4th Class

Spring Cleaning Programme

“On Wednesday, the 25th April, 5th and 6th Class went litter picking.  It was part of the “Spring Cleaning Programme” in collaboration with An Taisce.  We walked around the school and the road outside the school.  We all wore jackets that were sent to us by An Taisce and a pair of rubber gardening gloves.  Some people had big bin bags.  We collected about eight full bags of rubbish, which is a lot, but it is great that we have cleaned it all up.  Last year when we went litter picking we found at least double the amount as this year which means that people have been more careful with their rubbish.  It was a great project to do and hopefully we will do it again next year.  Or maybe we won’t need to do it again next year ……”

Juno Cherry-Roberts, 5th Class

Incredible Edibles

“5th & 6th Class are doing Incredible Edibles.  We are growing potatoes, turnips, carrots, spinach, chives, lettuce and strawberries.  The potatoes are growing the fastest.  We have hung our strawberries out on the pitch for more sunlight.  We water them almost every day.”

Aoife Kelly, 6th Class

Cake Sale in aid of Mellon Educate

“We raised €961!  Everybody baked loads of cakes.  They were delicious.  We wish we could have another cake sale.  We spent all our money on cakes and biscuits.  Everyone was amazing.  Good luck Ms Heaphy and Ms Harper!”

 Young Entrepreneur

“The Tooth Buddies project was a massive success and I will be talking about the effort that was put into it.  First the class split into five groups and the Tooth Buddies won.  So we got some materials and some of the class sewed the material together.  Then the class cut out the bits.  After that the class stuffed in the material and then sewed the opening.  Then the final bit – selling it.  We made €610 from this and it was a lot of fun.  Anybody can be an entrepreneur – all you need is an imagination.”

Liam Murphy, 6th Class

Senior Infants: Italy Project

“The Gondola is eleven metre sticks long.  Venice is split in two by an “S” shaped canal.  Venice sinks every year”.

Louisa Smith & Sophie Rothschild

“Italy is shaped like a high-heel boot”.

Charlotte Smith

“The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a landmark.  It has eight storeys.  It has seven bells”.

Isaac Gallagher

“The gladiators used to fight in the Colosseum.  The secret passages are where the animals are kept.  The Emporers put their thumbs up if you were allowed to live and their thumbs down if you had to die.”

Ryan Gannon, Sean Harte & Rex Verveen