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New sports equipment

There was great excitement today as our new sports equipment arrived. The children worked really hard to put it altogether and are delighted with the new range of activities we will be able to do. A big thanks again to all the children and parents for supporting our Race To Galway which enabled us to invest in all the new equipment

We invested in a new pair pf portable goal posts, a 9ft net which can serve as a tennis net, badminton net and volley ball net, a set of 40 rubber spot markers, a target goal net, a new net for our current basket ball hoop and a new basket ball hoop to complete the basket ball court.

Million Step Challenge


Nun’s Cross are delighted to be taking part in the Million Step Challenge this year in partnership with the Wicklow Local Sports Partnership. Over the course of the week the children will take turns to wear step counters in an aim to collectively reach a million steps. Will we do it? Watch this space to see…

Reflecting on Active Week

The children have been reflecting on Active Week and we are delighted to see, through their creative writing, how much they enjoyed the weeks activities!

Read the feedback from 1st, 5th and 6th class

Running Club


Did you know that Nun’s Cross have a running club? Ms Heaphy and Mrs Pearse are dedicating their Wednesday lunch time to showing the children a range of skills in running. We hope to enter the children in all sorts of running and athletic events over the coming year. Children from 3rd class up are welcome to join at any stage but must commit to coming each week!

Yard painting teaser


Take a look at the transformation our yard is currently undergoing!  This wonderful burst of colour on our yard is thanks to the money we raised in our Race to Galway during active week last year.  We would like to say a huge well done to the children and also to their families and friends whose sponsorship is making this possible.

This is just a snippet of what’s in store for when we get back after Easter.  Such an exciting time at Nun’s Cross NS.

Active Week is coming up!


Speaking on behalf of the Active Committee, some students would like to make an announcement:

Active Week is to help us keep our Active Flag and its loads of fun for the whole school. It promotes active fun and active learning throughout the whole school and for all ages. This year it is taking place from Monday the 13th of May to Friday the 17th of May.


This year we have a great variety of sports taking place from basketball to active stations and jersey day. We are going to be drinking alot of water because we will be sweating lots!

At the end of the week, to celebrate the active week, we will have a celebration assembly and all children are asked to bring in any sports awards that they have won as we are eager to share our achievements.  We have fitted out an exciting timetable which we will be announcing after Easter.


We hope that everyone in the whole school enjoys being as active as possible and will inspire us to start news sports!